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A Backroad Hot Sauce Recipe

A flavorful heat!

This Hot Sauce has a powerful, short burn to it and still remains quite flavorful. It would make a wonderful wing sauce for those that like to feel a heat, but don’t want to find themselves pouring down sweat.

I like to push my limits when it comes almost everything in life, whether it is physically or mentally. One my favorite things do is push my palette when it comes to spicy foods. Over the years I’ve gotten to try some great spicy food from a variety of peppers, such as the Ghost, the Habanero , and recently the Carolinian Reaper.  So recently I decided I wanted to go on the adventure of making my own Hot Sauce and create something with some kick but also flavorful.

For my project I decided I didn’t want to go to the extreme yet, so I went with Habanero peppers and Poblano Pepper for my sauce. After a little excursion to the closest International Market I found myself with more peppers than I needed. Looking through some good recipes I found a one I wanted to adapt from Grill Grrl.

Possible Disclaimer : This sauce maybe too hot and I could possibly be downplaying the heat as I am huge fan of spicy food. I could have possibly built a tolerance over the years as my friend found the kick a little harder than he liked.

Backroad’s Hot Sauce



(makes approximately 1- half-pint jar)

2 t of Olive Oil
1/2 Cup of Chopped Onions
1 Cup of Chopped Carrots
5 Garlic Cloves. Minced
6 Habanero No Stem
1/2 Poblano Pepper
1/2 t of Lemon juice
1/4 Cup of Water
1/2 Cup of Vinegar
1/2 Cup of Lemon Juice
1/2 t of All Spice
1/2 t Ground Cayenne Peppers
1/2 t of Ground Black Pepper
1 T of Kosher Salt
2 T of Sugar
3 T of Brown Sugar



Step 1 Cut up the garlic, onions, and carrots. Put in a small bowl and toss with the Lemon juice. In a small pan, add two tablespoons of Olive Oil and sweat the vegetables on medium heat until soft.

Step 2 After the veggies are nice and soft, place them in a blender with the Water, Lime Juice and Vinegar. Add your habaneros and poblanos and blend until smooth.

Step 3 Add the remaining spices and blend until well mixed.

Step 4 Place the liquid content back into the pan and simmer for 5-7 minutes.

Step 5 Can it and prepare the sauce with whatever you choose! Keep refrigerated 

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